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Classic Vintage Motor Bikes was created by the thrill of riding a piece of history and owning a fine classic motor bike.  Although we know that some must die so others may live, Classic Vintage Motor Bikes have an undying desire for Classics to survive by keeping those bikes on the road.  Do the math and you can understand why we call ourselves “Old School.”

Cornell  has been riding since the sixties, with a personal fondness for Italian bikes, where his own stable consists of several Ducatis and Laverdas. Having just retired, he wanted a shop and a place where dedicated riders could bring their vintage bikes for restoration and service.  Hence, CVMB opened its doors in the iconic Cycle Hub location on NE Sandy Boulevard. One thing led to another and with the sale of the building, he decided to move back to the barn and concentrate exclusively on his heart’s desire, restoring vintage motor bikes to their original glory.

Jim McCrory - English Specialist - a British bike rider and enthusiast from the sixties and founder of Empire Classics, is no stranger to the local Vintage bike scene.  His vast experience and knowledge, in not only British bikes but Japanese, makes him one of the most trusted mechanics in the business for total engine rebuilds and electrical troubleshooting and rewiring.  Jim puts his good housekeeping seal of approval on every bike we sell, using them as his daily rider to make sure the bike is safe and sound for its new owner.  In his spare time, (?) he volunteers his service to a local high school, teaching them the ins and outs of a safe motor bike rebuild and restoration.  Some of his instructed student creations have been featured on Dime City Cycle’s website.  How cool is it that he is teaching high school students to become the Blacksmiths of the modern era?

​John Foyston - Italian Specialist bought his first Ducati forty years ago--- a 250 Diana in a box and realized that he was the one who had to put it back together, so he started to learn.  When he and Dick Winningstad opened Eurosport in Tigard, Oregon in 1982, they had another great Ducati mechanic, Dave Trathen, and John learned a ton from him, as well as from machinist Les Barker, "who's a frickin' genius". Eurosport happened right on the cusp of the change from bevels to belt drive motors, and they also worked on Norton, Triumph, Guzzi and other brands, so John became versatile:   "when you work on lots of different machines, you start seeing the similarities of how they're designed". John has restored many bikes, including a DBD 34 Goldie, a couple of Velos, Guzzi Eldorados, a Guzzi Falcone, lots of Duc singles and twins.  He is currently rebuilding a basket case 1980 Darmah SD 900 and three Ducati 750 GT's.  Keep coming back here, you won't want to miss the opportunity to buy these bikes when they get listed. He has also built several modified bikes including a naked ST1100, rebuilt from a wreck that is his current long distance ride.
​​Jerry Westphal - Concours Specialist -  has been riding Vintage British motor bikes since time began and remains as our consultant extraordinaire. His expertise and advice are invaluable for the correct restoration of such classic legends like AJS, Matchless and Indian motor bikes.  Jerry has rebuilt many early 50’s and 60’s Triumphs and BSAs and we look to him for not only advice on correct concourse restoration but also for perfect part replacement and substitution.