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1972 Triumph TR6R Tiger 650CC MOTORCYCLE

1972 Triumph TR6R Tiger 650CC Motorcycle

Triumph resurrected the Tiger title for this roadster-style single-carb 650 twin which, like its twin-carb Bonneville brother, slotted in to the firm's new oil-in-frame chassis. 


Carbs apart, this Tiger is almost identical to the Bonneville with performance to spare, tractability, economy and smooth running.  Beautifully finished in a striking red and silver Bonneville color combination scheme, this bike is designed for hard work and relaxed riding.  The best of both worlds… it's the bike which shows Triumph’s power can be as flexible as a foil.  The secret is the big twin OHV engine delivering 48 bhp with its single carb, providing maximum flexibility with greater torque at lower rpm.


This 1972 Triumph TR6R Tiger is a 421.1-pound, sport-touring motorcycle with a 649 cc engine producing 48 hp at 7,250 rpm and a top speed of 103.8 mph.  It has two valves per cylinder and an OHV fuel control system.  The compression ratio is 9.0:1 with a bore and stroke of 71 mm by 82 mm.  The four-speed gearbox is of course chain driven.


It’s just one more reason to keep buying half pints of milk for your daily run to the local Seven Eleven Every old timer that rides says "I had one of those back in 19whenever.  I should have never sold it!” But what is it about an old Brit bike that brings out the best in folks?  The chrome?  The sound?  The fact that it actually runs and passes cars on the freewhizzle?  Who knows?  In conclusion, old bikes are still cool.  Sure, they are a bit more demanding to ride but the grin will still be there after the new bike wears off.  Ooops, the new wore off about 40 something years ago.


The photos with this listing were taken of the exact motorcycle being offered for sale.  This beautiful motorcycle has been properly sorted by our shop, every detail as it should be, including a fresh engine rebuild and overhaul.  This gorgeous and fun motorcycle is proudly displayed in our store, so don’t miss this opportunity to purchase a true, sport-touring, collectible motorcycle.    


Frame Number :  TR6RVCG52215


Engine Number:  TR6RVCG52215


This motorcycle has been kept inside the entire time since being acquired and restored.  I encourage you to please view all of the photographs.  In addition to all the mechanical and electrical repair and restoration, many new cosmetic parts were installed from the chrome mufflers, to the turn signals, to the ultra high quality paint job with perfect hand pin striping.  This motorcycle will continue to be stored inside our climate controlled shop until the new owner acquires it. 


The motorcycle can be kept and stored until pick-up or shipping plans can be acquired.  The motorcycle is located about ten miles from downtown Portland, Oregon and the Portland International Airport.  The bike will be kept inside our climate controlled location until the new owner makes plans to pick up the unit.  Thank you again for taking the time to view this rare item, perhaps you have found that one exciting treasure you cannot live without!


Due to the age of this motorcycle, it is being sold "as-is" with no warranties or guarantees written, expressed or implied.