1979 Yamaha SR500 Café Racer Motorcycle


The SR500 was well received on conception, largely due to its contemporary styling and reliable Yamaha single-cylinder 500 cc power plant.  The chassis and engine has served as a popular basis for many café racers, street trackers and even bobbers.  SR500's are raced competitively in historic class across the world.


This 1979 Yamaha SR5 stock weight is a 383.6-pound, reduced somewhat dramatically here, is a 499 cc engine air cooled 4-stroke, forward incline, single, S.O.H.C. producing 27 hp at 6,000 rpm and a top speed of 84 mph and increased here somewhat dramatically.  The compression ratio is 9.0:1 with a bore and stroke of 87 mm by 84 mm.  The cylinder is aluminum alloy with a special cast iron sleeve.  The Compression releaser is a manual, wire linked cam axle type.  The transmission is a 5 speed constant mesh and the clutch is a wet, multiple disc type.

Frame design is a Tubular steel semi double cradle with rear suspension handled by a custom White Brothers swing arm.


This SR5 lets you take a good crack at corners.  The narrow motorcycle almost seems to make any road about two feet wider than normal.  And assuming you approach a corner too hot, the dual disc brakes up front, can brake with a vengeance, right to the limit of your confidence in the front tire or its adhesion, whichever occurs first.  The hydraulics, front and rear, are first-rate; some riders may skid the rear end but an oversensitive rear disc won't be the cause of the problem.


Stopping power is provided by 11.73” dual discs up front and a 10.51” disc brake in the rear.  Exhaust is endowed with a custom Jemco muffler.


This is a specialty motorcycle, a fairly narrow-focus machine, and isn't subject to the kinds of compromises that econo-twins must unavoidably make.  Consider the simple matter of seating.  The XR 750 styled seat is basically a monoposto device, scaled to one person, with the tail light cleverly installed under the rear overhang.  The relationship between the pegs, bars and seat is genuinely comfortable.  Since a single-cylinder 500 is a relatively tall and narrow motorcycle, the rider gets reasonable saddle height, vertical roominess and a great deal of ground clearance.  Because the engine is slim, the pegs can be located inboard and the beautiful aluminum Loaded Gun rear sets are perfectly positioned.  And is the tank comfortable?  You bet.  There's no Fat Albert tank to splay the rider's legs out in a frog-like stance.  Chrome clubman bars, coupled with aluminum billet mirrors and turn signals and an eye-catching cheater fairing, finishes off this bike with an understatement of elegance and rock your socks off appeal.  And oh, did I mention the ultra high quality metal flake paint work with handsome pin striping on the tank and front fender?  Use the zoom and see how the silver metal flake “floats” on the jet black base coat.


The attached  photos with this listing are photographs taken of the exact motorcycle being offered for sale.  This gorgeous and fun, correct matching numbers motorcycle is proudly displayed in our store, so don’t miss this opportunity to purchase a true, sport-touring, café racer motorcycle.  It has been properly sorted, every detail as it should be, including a fresh engine that has only 5900 miles on the clock. 


Frame Number:  2J2 022889


Engine Number:  2J2 022889


This motorcycle has been kept inside the entire time since being acquired and restored.  I encourage you to please view all of the photographs with this listing.  This motorcycle will continue to be stored inside our climate controlled shop until the new owner acquires it.



We can help arrange shipping The motorcycle can be kept and stored until pick-up or shipping plans can be acquired.  The motorcycle is located about ten miles from downtown Portland, Oregon and the Portland International Airport.  The bike will be kept inside our climate controlled location until the new owner makes plans to pick up the unit.  Thank you again for taking the time to view this rare item, perhaps you have found that one exciting treasure you cannot live without!


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Due to the age of this motorcycle, it is being sold "as-is" with no warranties or guarantees written, expressed or implied.