Brakes & Suspension

  • Rebuild master cylinder

  • Rebuild brake caliper

  • Rebuild front forks

  • Replace shocks

Paint and Body Work

Using only the highest quality premium paints and finishes, we perform this service on ALL makes and models.  From authentic stock factory reproductions, to custom tricked out paint masterpieces, we will meet and exceed your expectation levels.  Your motor bike will have a durable, modern, tough paint finish, hand sanded and polished and waxed to perfection that should last several years.  Free of dust, runs, sags and orange peel, we think our work is so good, we unconditionally guarantee all our paint jobs free of defects for one year.   

Final Inspection & Road Test

  • Welding, fabrication & customizing

  • Repair & sealing of fuel tank

  • Spoke wheel lacing

  • Cable replacement

  • Factory original & custom painting

  • Aluminum and steel polishing

  • Aluminum & steel body repair

  • Fiberglass repair

  • Rebuilding of seat & upholstery

Body & Frame


  • Engine & transmission rebuilding
  • Carburetor rebuilding & jetting
  • Cylinder boring, machining & grinding


  • Installation of modern Boyer ignition or equivalent recommended 

  • Upgrade of electrical 6 or 12 volt systems

  • Rebuild of magneto & generator

  • Replacement of wiring harness

  • Set ignition timing

Standard Service

When we split the cases, we thoroughly inspect and repair:

  • Connecting rods
  • Oil pump
  • Crank shaft balance
  • Bearings
  • Timing gear
  • Clutch basket and belt drive
  • Top & bottom seals and push rod seals
  • Ignition timing
  • Disassembling of the engine
  • Sludge trap cleaned
  • Oil slinger serviced
  • Cleaning and bead-blasting of parts
  • Taping of the engine prior to painting
  • Reassembling of the refurbished engine parts

Major Mechanical Rebuilds

Famous last words. . . "IT ONLY NEEDS EVERYTHING!”

Our Restoration Codes

Modern Resto – Code:  MR

If you are considering a Café motorcycle, some of the older Japanese singles and parallel twins make for good looking café racers.  Older twin Honda CB350’s, Yamaha 650’s and Yamaha SR500 singles are our most popular café racers.  They're still easy to find, handle well and are easy and inexpensive to modify.  Older British twins make for the most daring modification but are substantially more expensive to create.  By adding or changing the configuration, accessories and paint, we can give any late model motor bike that classic, vintage look or modern café design and arrangement.  Again, only safe and sound, rational modification is performed to keep the rubber side down.

Mechanical and Cleaning – Code:  MC

A scaled down version of Rustoration. This process includes a thorough 25-point mechanical and electrical passing grade and check. All necessary work is completed to make the bike safe and sound for daily use and recreation. We also perform intensive degreasing, cleaning, polishing and waxing.  We usually carry out this overhaul on Survivor bikes or previously reconditioned bikes that have a suitable daily rider appearance.  This level of restoration often appeals to riders who want to apply their own fingerprint of cosmetic restoration or custom paint work.

Rotisserie Restoration - Code:  RR

This intensive, full frame off process involves the complete disassembly of the motorcycle.  All foreign materials such as rust, grease, mud, etc. are removed and all components refinished to original specifications.  All missing, worn out and broken components are replaced with OEM or equivalent parts. All parts, nuts and bolts are carefully removed in order to use them in reassembly to keep the bike as original as possible, however, washers are usually replaced. Original parts are usually rechromed to keep the bike authentic. All major assemblies are rebuilt as necessary.  Frames are checked, repaired for broken welds and repainted in modern paint and powder coated finishes.  Front ends, brakes and ignitions are checked for alignment and function and are replaced with OEM parts or retrofit with today’s modern mechanical and electrical alternatives.  Original wiring may be salvageable, however, rewiring of very old bikes is usually necessary.  Painting, polishing and plating of all large and small parts are completed to original manufacturer specifications.  All tanks, side covers, badges and decals are applied in concourse correct paint schemes, with the most modern paint clear coat and powder coated finishes.

Rustoration – Code:  RT

This process requires the preserving of a motorcycle’s original condition while conserving and cleaning away years of use, abuse and neglect.  Unless a major engine overhaul is required, the bikes missing, worn out and broken components, including electrical and wiring, are replaced with OEM or equivalent parts while still in the frame.  Intensive cleaning of the bike is conducted with non-destructive cleaners and our tried and true methods.  Usually the tanks, side covers and badges and decals are applied in concourse correct paint schemes, with the most modern and up to date paint and clear coat finishes.  This overhaul is well suited for historically significant vintage motor bikes or museum pieces where rust, dirt and grease are removed, while at times retaining the original patina and finish.

Notice the shiny bits of tiny metal shavings from rod bearings and other engine internals.  This sludge trap opening is 75% plugged.  Oil will not properly reach the rod bearings and other engine parts and will most certainly cause serious engine damage.  Motors with over 20,0000 miles requires a trap clean out.

Every bike is thoroughly road tested for days as a daily rider, to insure safety, reliability and performance.  All safety related repairs or parts

such as tires, brakes, or steering must meet our high expectation levels and standards.  We won’t compromise safety and risk your life, why would

we risk ours?